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  About Us  

Director of Innovative Academy has 13 years of teaching experience. Innovative Academy has best team of highly experienced and qualified faculty. Our faculty members possess outstanding academic, in-depth subject knowledge and true dedication to entire development of students.

We believe that nurturing young minds at an early age can lead to great professional careers. As per  the persistent demand of students and parents we have  IIT & Medical  foundation coaching for class VII, VIII, IX & X students to provide a Strong Foundation for preparation of NTSE , MTSE, IIT , AIIMS , NEET, NDA, AFMC etc. examinations.

We provide a regular coaching for 11th and 12th (Science) + MH-CET+ NEET+JEE+AIIMS and also provide the coaching for 8th, 9th and 10th for State Board, CBSE & ICSE.